Thursday, July 4, 2013

Voices of the Daring Youth


Last Friday Theo, Maya, Billy (our young friend next door) and I were blessed to experience a memorable performance by powerful Grenadian youth. Voices of the Daring Youth spoke of courage, strength and hope. Voices of the Daring Youth demonstrated personal and collective power in imparting vital lessons, ideas, morals, teachings of the heart and mind. Voices of the Daring Youth spoke of justice in a world of injustice; of youth breaking free from attitudes and behaviors predicted, subscribed, ratified, solidified by the worlds all around them.
Voices of the Daring Youth was a spoken word production involving talented, positive, brilliant, brave youth coming together to share the power of the word, the power of the collective in giving space to youth and the teachings they hold within. Some of the voices spoke of love, intimate love, the kind of love we perhaps all pray for, the kind of love where two people respect and hold one another in great reverie. Some of the voices supported, encouraged women to speak out, to walk away from the kind of touches that shatter the very interior of our souls, to find another kind of touch, a touch that speaks of the spirit living within.   Some of the voices moved from the personal to the political questioning negative minds, boxed in minds, limited, socialized, brutalized minds that continue to confine society’s stone view of youth. Some of the voices questioned development, the kind that affects all of us, the kind we let dictate the way forward, the kind that begs the question  ‘for who and by whom?’.  Some of the voices shouted,  for too long schools have been spaces to colonize not liberate minds; promote habitual conditioned patriarchal notions of who and how youth should be, think, feel.   
I am deeply grateful for last Friday night’s performance as it restored hope, critical hope, the kind of hope that embraces the positive and transforms the negative.  Positivity ruled the evening   tearing down the norm of negativity. Last Friday night was proof of what we all can do if we can find the courage and compassion to step out of our busy habitual lives and step into the spotlight of being more than our individual selves, more than what society predicts, more than what our conditioned minds tell us.
Thank you Voices of the Daring Youth for picking up the mic, for sharing with us your voices, your hope, your critical hope in a time when the world is in desperate need!