Thursday, August 5, 2010

Paintings for Peace

Free flowing figures continue to move across the canvas illuminating and celebrating life and in return, birthing and strengthening youth peace programs in Harford Village, Grenada, West Indies.

Original paintings, giclee prints, and note cards continue to sell throughout Grenada, Caribbean and World wide and in return I continue to work on community and youth building projects.

For the past six months The Harford Village Peace Leaders have been busy organizing and facilitating various community youth programs such as an after school peace program; a sharing of cultures with Canadian youth visitors; a village hike with hiking expert Telfore Bedeau; a community drum session with national drum troupe, Tivoli Drummers; a community Fun Day in Victoria Park; a poster making session to celebrate Earth Day; a children’s exercise session; an after school chess club and various other creative activities that reach out to Village kids ages 4 to 16 years.

A young women’s Program called INSPIRE began in March 2010. This girl-friendly youth empowerment program was literally inspired by a young women’s empowerment program from the Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre, Nova Scotia! Seven young village women from high risk – low income families gathered every Wednesday evening. The girls explored, discovered, and exercised their talents, potential and voiced needs in a safe, positive and non judgmental environment. The program was held in my small studio; a space I had dreamed about turning into a Peace Studio/Workshop and hosting various small group youth programs. The dream is alive!!!

In July youth leaders once again coordinated and facilitated a children’s peace camp. The camp provided kids with a safe, creative and fun space to learn and engage in a variety of educational and creative activities, games and field trips. This year the Peace Camp was sponsored by local NGO, Grenada Save the Children (GRENSAVE).

Allison Harris is the first Village youth to travel to Canada and take part in Grenada Youth Exchange and is presently here in Antigonish, Nova Scotia with Theo, Maya and I. Alison has been busy opening her heart and mind to the many cross cultural learning opportunities presenting themselves within the first week of her stay. Allison will also volunteer at a children’s peace camp, take part in the Tatamagouche Social Justice Youth Camp, work on an organic farm and be a part of our extended Antigonish family. This will give Allison the opportunity to strengthen her leadership, facilitation and social justice skills; meet new friends; and share her experiences, skills and knowledge with Grenadian family friends and community upon her return.

I continue to fund raise for various components of village peace projects and youth initiatives through sales of my artwork. If you would like to continue supporting peace programs in Harford Village through purchasing original art by Maureen St. Clair visit my website and glance through 2010 paintings and prints for peace. I also paint commissioned pieces specific to your needs. 10 % of all sales goes towards village youth programs and initiatives.

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Maureen St. Clair