Wednesday, November 7, 2012

evolving yes!

i was asked yesterday by a conservative friend if i thought my paintings were evolving. i always get thrown off when people (mostly male white conservative ) ask me this and/or suggest in the same breathe that i could branch out into other styles of paintings ...
My email to him this morning:
 i dont think i did justice to my paintings last night when i answered 'i think so' related to your question, "Do you think your paintings are evolving?" Here is a more deserving response in regards to the spirit of my art work! Yes! these paintings are evolving, evolving into so much more then i ever expected ! Evolving into peace programs, peace murals, safe spaces where children, youth, teachers, communities can deconstruct and examine the states of peace/peacelessness within their lives and create/build non -violent strategies to address the violence. These paintings have evolved into opportunities for me to write, to evolve into a peace/community educator, to live a life that is not driven by the norm but by a path that breathes authenticity and light for others to do the same!!! these paintings continue to be a great source of courage, strength, spirit, freedom to many and i am grateful they keep dancing through my brush and onto the canvas!! 
On another note woke maya up this morning to Obama's victory speech!  Feeling the hope this morning! one love. one family. maureen